SmartHit: Best Vitamin Supplement


“VALENTIS LIFE SCIENCE Limited” is a part of “UAB VALENTIS” is a group of pharmaceutical companies that formulate, produce and actively market innovative pharmaceutical preparations.

Valentis aims to help everybody care for what is most precious to them, namely their health; therefore, we are constantly formulating and marketing products that improve health and heal without adverse side effects to the natural operation of the human body.

All the products that we offer to the consumer are selected and checked with great care and responsibility, and their value and benefit is based on very thorough scientific research. We always take great care to ensure that our products are not harmful to the human body or to the environment.

We believe that everybody is capable of resisting viruses naturally and defeating various ailments with very little medical help. Therefore, we urge everyone to lead a physically active life, look after themselves and, most importantly, be positive!